Lakewood Ranch Property Management


If going green is important to you, then you’ll want to consider owning a rental property in Lakewood Ranch.  Since 2005 the community has had to follow Florida Green Building Coalition standards with all new construction, giving you over a decade’s worth of new real estate to choose from.  Along with green housing, Lakewood Ranch boasts a variety of incomes and family types with lots of access to dining, shopping, and acres upon acres of recreational areas. Investing in such an ideal area means you’ll have the pick of the litter when it comes to potential tenants but choosing the most reliable candidates and abiding by non-discrimination laws can be difficult.

With Real Property Management Sarasota & Manatee you can rest assured that we carefully select your tenants with our top-notch screening process.  Not only will Real Property Management create and maintain a professional marketing campaign for new renters and screen them, but we will continue to service your new renters in all aspects: handling rent collection, maintenance, and repairs, and even mediate tenant issues.  Whether you view your rental property as a side business or this is your first foray into a long-term investment, the team at Real Property Management can handle all of your needs.



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